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The term "white glove delivery" gets its name from the original practice of delivery personnel wearing white gloves while handling and delivering items, and the term has come to describe a very high level of care, attention to detail, and professionalism.

Our 'White Glove' delivery team does not wear literal white gloves, for good reason: lack of grip on many surfaces. However, this level of service goes beyond common delivery standards by providing additional services for our customers, such as inside delivery, unpacking, assembly, and debris removal. This term symbolizes the meticulous and careful handling of goods to ensure they are delivered without any damage or blemish. This type of delivery service is the most appropriate way to bring to you your newly-purchased high-end furniture and decor, because your pieces deserve special care. The emphasis on the "white glove" approach conveys a sense of precision and quality associated with the handling of the delivered items.

Our delivery team is friendly, experienced, careful - and strong. Moving vans are kept in good repair, and your furniture will travel to your home either in their original packaging or wrapped in soft moving pads inside the truck. Often these are removed prior to exiting the truck to ensure the movers have a good grip while carrying your furniture. 

We are happy to offer this as our standard level of service on all Kennedy Galleries deliveries in the GTA.