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Craftsmanship forever-

In 1967, Ron Lanni, an artist in furniture restoration, left his employment at the original Eatons high end furniture gallery on College Street, Toronto, with the objective of caring for treasures in his own controlled workshop. The Furniture Clinic was born, and shortly thereafter, became the most sought-after workshop in the Toronto area, caring for the treasures of a rapidly growing list of clientele.

After continuous requests from his clients to buy what they saw coming out of his workshop - pieces that were already owned by other clients - Ron recognized the need for a showroom where his clients could appreciate and acquire quality pieces for their homes. Moved by the need for a showroom and a larger workshop facility, the move was made to a second, then a third location.

It became time to consolidate the different locations at the almost 30 000 sq.ft. namesake location at 109 Kennedy Road South in Brampton, where The Furniture Clinic workshop then featured a brand new, opulently styled showroom, and became known as Kennedy Galleries. It was at this time, Ron's son, Jeff, joined the company and was later followed by Michael, each working over time in different areas of daily operations, always with a focus on Craftsmanship.  

Brampton was home to Kennedy Galleries for 30 years until another move was in sight. The Kennedy Road location was sold, and a new building purchased on the North side of the Gardiner Expressway in Southwest Toronto, offering greater convenience for many of our long-time customers. This building, even larger,  at almost 40,000 sq.ft., was carefully renovated and stands conspicuously at 86 Queen Elizabeth Blvd in Etobicoke.

After years of working at what he loved doing, Ron Lanni saw it was time to begin his transition into retirement. This allowed him more time for his family, his volunteer work, and his hobby as a private pilot. Prying himself from his business afforded a much deserved change of pace. 

Ron Lanni passed away in March of 2001, and Kennedy Galleries remains a family-owned and operated business, in the hands of his sons, Jeff and Michael. Their enthusiasm for the company and its vision remains the same as Ron's; To provide the highest quality furniture available, new or aged. Our refinishing shop continues to work at the highest standard featuring a small team who are not only skilled, but who love what they do.

We thank all our past and future customers for enjoying our enduring luxury products now and into the future.


Jeff Morrison                                                           Michael Lanni